Who is considered a Holocaust survivor?

Group of Jewish partisan fighters in Soviet territories, circa 1942-1944. (Wiener Holocaust Library Collections)

My parents were both Polish Jews and survived the Holocaust through twists of fate that saved them from the horrors of the Nazi death camps. My father escaped from a ghetto in Belarus to the untamed forest, where he joined…

Eva Fogelman on the Charney Report

Charney Report. 20 Jan 2016.

Katharina von Munster, Eva Fogelman, David Scott Paul | Charney Report. 20 Jan 2016. YouTube. This episode features a discussion on psychology as it relates to Holocaust survivors and their families with guests Katharina von Munster, Communications Director of Action…

The pandemic has been emblematic of the human experience

Woman alone in the woods. Young woman walking on the road in the forest. iStock.

The pandemic has been emblematic of the human experience. Some people are thriving, others are confronting stresses, and some are completely traumatized. One’s circumstances, of course, can either impede or enhance, the emotional state and capacity to cope. Like everyone…

Helping Holocaust Survivor’s Children

Screen capture. Breaking the Silence.

When the film I co-produced and wrote, Breaking the Silence: The Generation After the Holocaust, was first broadcast on PBS in 1984, Michael Hinds wrote about the work I have done raising awareness for and empowering the voices of the…

Marion Pritchard, Holocaust hero

Getty Images / Kevin Winter. Courtesy of Politico.

Under conditions of terror, most people are passive bystanders. Some become persecutors, while few jeopardize their lives to save the victims. Marion Pritchard, who died in December 2016 at the age of 96, risked her life. In the early 1980s,…

Remembering Henry Krystal, Pioneer in Trauma Therapy

Dr. Henry Krystal. The Forward.

In December 1976, thanks to my therapy experience with young adult children of Holocaust survivors, I found myself attending a workshop with Dr. Henry Krystal, the psychoanalyst who virtually created trauma therapy as a specialized field. I knew, of course,…

Appreciating Robert Jay Lifton

Dr. Robert J. Lifton. Courtesy Democracy Now!

Letters to the Editor of Clio’s Psyche. Dear Editor, In 1976, along with a social worker, I started co-leading awareness groups for children of Holocaust survivors at Boston University. We were young mental-health professionals in our mid-20s whose family backgrounds…