Stories of the Holocaust: Overcoming Historical Trauma

The Blue Card is thrilled to announce the launch of our new podcast Stories of the Holocaust: Overcoming Historical Trauma.

We invite you to join us in listening to the incredible story of Professor Laszlo Adler, Holocaust survivor, esteemed professor, engineer and author. Interviewed by Masha Pearl, Executive Director of The Blue Card.

Blue Card Podcast
Blue Card Podcast

The renowned historical trauma psychologist based in New York City, Dr. Eva Fogelman, will comment on Professor Adler’s overcoming trauma.

Stories of the Holocaust will feature survivors, their families, and special guests from diverse fields such as film, theater, visual arts, music, literature, politics, and business.
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Episode one on Spotify featuring Laszlo Adler

The Mission of The Blue Card is to provide direct financial assistance to needy Holocaust survivors.

Of the nearly 3,000 Holocaust survivor households The Blue Card serves, three-quarters are over the age of 76 and nearly 70% live alone. Many of these survivors struggle to afford basic needs, such as adequate food and healthcare; more than half of them fall 200% below the federal poverty line, meaning their income is less than $24,980 annually.

The Blue Card clients profile:
Range in age from 76-105 years old
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OPEN Host Daren Jaime sits down with Psychologist and Filmmaker, Dr. Eva Fogelman discussing a podcast providing Holocaust survivors a voice.

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