Echoes of Children’s Survival: Opening the Kestenberg Archive Online

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Echoes of Children’s Survival: Opening the Kestenberg Archive Online

April 18 @ 10:00 am 12:00 pm EDT

Dr. Sharon Kangisser-Cohen (Yad Vashem) in a Conversation with Dr. Eva Fogelman (Psychologist, Filmmaker and Author) | Echoes of Children’s Survival: Unveiling the Kestenberg Archive Online

In 1981, the late Dr. Judith and Milton Kestenberg started interviewing Holocaust Child Survivors. Today 1500 interviews have been digitized by the Oral History Division of Hebrew University (then under the directorship of Dr. Sharon Kangisser) and are now part of the Israel National Library. The upcoming event will be to open the archive online.

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The Book

Eva Fogelman (Editor), Sharon Kangisser Cohen (Editor), Dalia Ofer (Editor). Children in the Holocaust and its aftermath : historical and psychological studies of the Kestenberg Archive. Berghahn, New York, 2017.

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The testimonies of individuals who survived the Holocaust as children pose distinct emotional and intellectual challenges for researchers: as now-adult interviewees recall profound childhood experiences of suffering and persecution, they also invoke their own historical awareness and memories of their postwar lives, requiring readers to follow simultaneous, disparate narratives.

This interdisciplinary volume brings together historians, psychologists, and other scholars to explore child survivors’ accounts. With a central focus on the Kestenberg Holocaust Child Survivor Archive’s over 1,500 testimonies, it not only enlarges our understanding of the Holocaust empirically but illuminates the methodological, theoretical, and institutional dimensions of this unique form of historical record.


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